What is the Best Instagram Bot in 2018?

What is the Best Instagram Bot in 2018

What is the best bot you say? There is none! Not what you expected but it’s a simple truth. Each bot is capable of different tasks and after Instagress died I haven’t found one single bot that excelled in every aspect.

See there are bots that are great in liking posts but they suck big time when it comes to commenting, sure they support spintax but that often only makes it worse. If you want a bot that can comment in a smart way you will either have to load one thousand comments that are so general that they fit on every post, and a very real chance they’ll flag it as spam.

If you do want to automate your commenting it’s better to hire a VA from the Philippines as their Engish is rather decent while the people still work there for fair rates so that you won’t break the bank. Some bots are disguised as growth services and they also offer a comment option which sets you back about $1-$3 per comment, hence it being better to find someone yourself to do your comments for you.

Instead of reviewing every bot here I let TrustAdvisor.io do that job as they are specialized on this front and they can even make a quick buck from it as they already joined their affiliate programs which I’m not willing to do at this point.

I do have to say that most bots absolutely rock and following and unfollowing people in case they don’t return the favor and that is one of the option that a decent bot must have.

Social Steeze is one of such bots which has an advanced way to grow your follower count, I’ve seen plenty of people playing around with this and within weeks they had ten thousands of followers so there is no doubt that this actually works.

Another important feature you want to look for is the ability to search not just based on hashtags but geolocations as well, especially if you run a local business it’s essential you reach people in your state instead of getting flooded with people from India or Bangladesh, I specifically mention those two countries as most spam bots operate from there.

The last thing you want to focus on that there is some way to slow the bot down to avoid triggering Instagrams alarm system as otherwise, this new adventure won’t last very long. They are literally closing and blocking accounts at the rate of thousands per day so be warned before you start botting.

How to Get a Pout on Thin Lips

Some of us aren’t blessed with full lips like Angelina Jolie, but that fuller pout remains one of the beauty trends that you wouldn’t mind emulating. The good news is that the full pout is as simple as applying lipstick the right way. It saves you the need for using endless scrubs, lip plumper and pouting enhancers that don’t guarantee the results you will get with the innovative use of lipstick.

With just a few steps as well as some artistry techniques, you can achieve the gorgeous lips that will give you a pouty look you need.

Exfoliate First

Perfect lipstick starts with having flawless skin. To start off the process towards that perfect pout, you need to treat your lips to exfoliation. Exfoliating helps shed away some dead skin cells, which allow the lipstick of choice to go on much smoother. You can get lip scrubs at your local beauty store. You can also use a homemade scrub with ingredients such as coconut oil and brown sugar.

Prime It

Once you are done exfoliating, you need to prime the lips for lipstick application. Use a lip stain before applying lipstick adds a layer in such a way that when the lipstick wears away the lips will resemble the original color and won’t look so worn out. The stain reduces the frequency of application of the lipstick during the day.

Apply the Liner

After your lips are ready, you need to apply the liner. Make sure you select the right shade and apply the liner strategically so that you get the effect you so much desire. Don’t overdraw the lines so that you can maintain the natural look of your lips.

Apply the Lipstick

You need to get the best lipstick that will bring out the pout. You can visit this site to choose from what is available. The easy way to apply this lipstick is to use a lip brush because it facilitates accurate application. Fill your lips using short, precise strokes with the brush; make sure you spread the lipstick evenly. Dab a concealer on the edges or corners of the mouth to add definition to the lips.

Make it Glow

Your lips are some of the first things that someone will notice. Applying the perfect lipstick makes first impressions last. Sadly, not all of us are blessed with thick, luscious lips that are easy to take lipstick. The good news is you can use a few tricks to bring out that perfect pout from your thin lips.

Choosing the Best Way to Train Your Dog

Train Your Dog

Now that your new puppy is old enough to train, you’re probably confused by the many dog trainers and dog whisperers out there who tell you the best way to train your dog.

One tells you to use the old-school approach, which would be praise, reward, and consequence.

Another tells you that a shock collar can be a useful tool.

There are many reasons to train your dog. You may have a breed that is more stubborn than others, or a dog that has behaviors that are undesirable, such as chasing moving cars, running after children, barking at visitors, or chewing furniture.

As most dog experts will tell you, the dog’s owner should become the “pack leader”, meaning the boss. This actually makes a dog feel more comfortable. Dogs want to know who’s in charge, and if you won’t take the reins, then they will.

Once you establish that you’re leader of the pack, the next step is to begin training, and this leads us back to our original question: To train the tried-and-true way, with praise, reward, and consequence; or with the help of a shock collar. It can be difficult to choose.

We know that praise, reward, and consequence works, but so do shock collars.

The thing with shock collars is that the very sound of it comes off as inhumane. But really, a small shock may feel uncomfortable to the dog, but it doesn’t actually harm them, and could actually save their lives. It’s important to receive training in how to use a shock collar, and many resources can be found online or in your community.

Think of it as a child learning not to touch a hot stove. Unfortunately it only takes a time or two for the child to realize that a hot stove should never be touched.

Another example is an electric fence. Touching one sends out an electric current that is never intended to be lethal. This teaches cattle, and sometimes people, not to cross the fence. This is to keep the cattle confined to their own field instead of breaking through the fence and running amok through the neighbors’ property. It also deters unwanted predators, and sometimes unwanted humans.

The fence isn’t designed to be abusive. It’s designed to be uncomfortable enough to get the cattle’s attention and keep them from moving through the fence.

Using a shock collar can train a dog to stay in a yard. It may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but dogs are smart and learn quickly. In a very short time they will learn where the boundaries of their yards are, and they won’t chase after moving cars, children, other dogs, etc.

Once the dog learns via the shock collar to stay in his own yard, the collar can be removed, and the dog will stay in the yard without it, in most cases.

If he begins to stray outside of his yard again, use the shock collar again as a refresher course.

Which is more inhumane, using a shock collar, or allowing your dog to roam the neighborhood to be a danger to itself or others?

4 Perfect Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean

Taking care of your home is one thing should always be on the top of your priorities no matter how busy your schedules are. The way you keep your house says a lot about your personality and your life in general. A tidy house indicates that you are an organized person and other people can depend on you to get things done. The following are simple tips to keep your house forever clean.

Take care of your pets

Having pets within your premise is a good idea but also remember that they are sources of dirt. Dog fur can stick on the furniture and carpets and can affect those who are allergic. Disinfect your home once in a while if you must live in the same room with your pets. You should also clean your pets regularly to ensure that they are free of microorganisms that might infest your home. Ensure that your property is free of odors by thorough cleaning and then ensure that you use an air freshener.

Keep your carpet and floor sparkling clean

Having the cleanest bathroom or kitchen in your neighborhood will all be in vain if your floor is dirty. Cleaning a floor can be very involving, but you do not have to worry because advance in technology is making things simpler. At Vacuum Fox, you can check some reviews of some of the best robot vacuum cleaners for every occasion.

Work on the garbage disposal 

You may be very active on disposing of your garbage, but still, your home has an awful stench. May be the local authorities collect the garbage once in a week, and you have to stay with this stench for all that time. You can use natural ways such as splashing a lemon solution on the garbage to deal with the stench. You can then cover the containers and only open them when you want to offload the contents.

Check if there are any leakages

Leaking sinks and taps are a point of concern in every household. The water is likely to damage your furniture and carpet if you do not take action soon enough. High humidity in your home also raises the chances of molds development which can cause breathing difficulties. You should seal all leakages and change the appliances where need be.

Keeping your house clean adds on its value. You can do most of the cleaning exercises, but some may require an expert in this field.

What To Consider When Buying A Luxury Watch

People wear watches for different reasons. While some wear them to display professionalism or to complement their taste for fashion, others have them as an heirloom or a gift. However, most watch lovers still don’t know what to look for when purchasing a new watch. What should you consider before purchasing a watch?  Well, here is a compiled a list of the factors and features that you should look for when you visit a watch shop or order a watch online.


Budget is the first thing you should consider when buying a watch. Go for a watch that is within your budget. If you genuinely want to enjoy a quality watch, you certainly need to sacrifice more cash. However, you do not have to burst your financial plans. Nowadays, there is so much for any budget when shopping for timepieces. Therefore, having a clear understanding of what you can afford will help you find the right watch.

Design and material

What kind of material do you prefer? Is the material durable? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself when the material topic comes into your mind. Ensure you select a watch that is made of materials that speak of class and elegance. Reviews, buying guide and testimonials can help you identify a nice design and all you need is to visit this page and familiarize yourself on the best watches in the market. Regardless of the watch design, it’s imperative to note that durability is king. For this reason, you should always ensure the watch you buy is made of durable material. In case you are not sure which material to choose, then go a watch made of silver, stainless steel, and other quality materials to avoid disappointments.


If you are a real watch lover, then you can agree that watch movements differ significantly. The movement of a Japanese watch is not similar to the movement of a Swiss watch. Therefore, the movement is a very important factor that you should never ignore when buying a watch. What type of movement do you prefer? Do you like the Swiss movement or the Japanese movement? Always Strive to get a watch that comes with a nice movement style. Besides, you should ensure the watch has an amazing precision. Good movement makes a watch reliable for timekeeping. A watch that is made from high-grade steel will most certainly meet your needs.


Today, there are plenty of brands available for you to choose from. Some of these brands are better than others. Some use higher quality materials than others. For this reason, it’s important to have a clear idea of the watch brand you want.

Tips on how to start a business as a freelance writer

As a freelance writer, you can develop original written content that editors and publishers can use for various purposes. Freelance writing involves creation of original written content, which magazines, articles, e-books, and other publications can utilize for promotional or advertising purposes.

You are expected to create your original manuscript and submit it to potential editors for possible publication. Your manuscript could be for various purposes depending on which field you specialize in. This implies that you can create copies for books, magazines, TV scripts, or online publications. You can also translate other stories into different languages. Most, if not all freelancers work independently, as they clearly show and sell their work to different users.

Expected revenue

The median wage of a freelance writer, according to DOL was $55,420 in May 2010. Given that all freelance writers may be self-employed, this figure is bound to change based on various circumstances. Many freelance writers have other sources of generating income apart from writing. They could be graphic designers, translators, or public speakers.

This implies that they can work full time or part time depending on the availability of work. Your earnings as a freelance writer depend on the frequency, quality of your writing, and the publications to which you submit. Most of the times, you are paid per assignment and you have to work within a specified period to meet deadlines.

Job outlook 2010-2020

According to DOL, the projection in employment in freelance writing is at 6%, which is slower than the average compared to other occupations. However, online publications are coming up steadily demanding manuscripts for various purposes. You can write manuscripts for blogs, devotional articles, instructional manuals, e-books, and other publications used online.

Work environment

A greater majority of freelance writers are self-employed. They work in the comfort of their homes or offices and set themselves flexible working hours. Because of this flexibility, you can work anywhere as a freelance writer, provided you have a computer and internet connectivity. You can also get a job as a contributing writer for a specific publication.

Based on your interests, you can contribute to the sports section, money and finance, careers and other departments. In the end, you should set your working schedule to match that of your preferred publications.

Work related tasks

As a freelance writer, you are responsible for choosing a subject matter that can catch the attention of your readers. You can write fiction, non-fiction, children, women, spiritual publications, and others. Your other duties include conducting research to verify information that you can include in your article to give it authenticity. You are also responsible for establishing credibility with editors and publishers and work with them to shape your material for possible publication.

Replica Watches To Show Off Your Style Without Spending Much Money

Watches are the luxury fashion accessories that are capable of enhancing your style. Whether you are going for a meeting, playing sports or on a date, wearing a watch will upgrade your looks. For every occasion, there is a different type of watch which comes in all sizes of dials and various strap materials.  You just need to pick the right watch according to your needs. Luxury watches are quite expensive as compared to the low grade watches because the luxury watches have finest body and have precise features that make it a perfect watch. There are lots of watch brands which manufacture such quality of watches. There are many people who have limited budget for buying the watches. This doesn’t mean that they will be deprived of wearing luxury watches. They can purchase the replica watches from   brands like Rolex to experience the luxury within budget.

Replicas of various designs

If you are looking for the Rolex replica watches, then you will be able to get a huge collection of watches from the manufacturers. Replicas of all the categories of Rolex watches are available with the sellers of replica watches. Most of the designs of Rolex watches look exactly like the original one. Sometimes, it is very hard to make a clear difference between the original one and its replica. You can take help from the online watch sellers to get a collection of replica rolex watches: explorer, daytona, submariner and much more at the most affordable prices. Online watch stores enable you to check the designs and easily make a comparison with the original one so that you buy the watch that is closer to the original model of the watch.

Replica watches with fab features

Replica watches from Rolex are available in all price ranges so if you are investing a higher price in the replica watch, then you will be getting high precision in the design and model of watch. In addition to this, all the technical features and build quality will also be present in the replicas of the luxury watches. Stunning authenticity with expertise craftsmanship can easily be witnessed in the luxury timepieces. Aesthetic appeal and fine features are the specialty features of these replica watches.

The market of replica watches is very big so it is very important to buy the replica watches from the reliable seller. It will help you to buy the high performance and precision replica watches at the cheap rates.

The Best Podiatrist in Houston, Tx.

The foot is a vital part of the body that enables mobility of individuals from one place to the other. Most individuals tend to take foot health for granted ending up to having difficulties in walking or even resulting to walking disability. The foot is prone to fractures and sprains that may happen anytime as one walks. When this happens, you need to have an immediate medical assistance or else you become lame. Shepherd is a foot care center specializing in foot pain relief led by Dr. Anthony LaMmara, a podiatrist with over 30 years’ experience treating patients suffering from both minor and major leg injuries.

Since our inception in 1991, we have carried out a thousand successful foot surgeries that have set record that we are the best podiatrists you can trust. Sprains may be seen as minor foot injuries but pose a significant bacterial threat to the muscles surrounding the affected area. We take this seriously and treat the strains with utmost professionality to ensure that the foot is not affected by the harmful bacteria.

Fractures can happen anywhere and can occur on the shaft or even on the phalanges. We detect the fracture and treat it immediately. In the case of major fractures, we have inpatient services that allow us to perform thorough analysis of affected parts and treat it accordingly. Other than this, we treat muscle and tendons problems and give a guide on how to maintain the tension on tendons and ligaments.

Some of the foot problems are caused by diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, peripheral artery disease among others. These diseases have a tendency of causing foot and ankle problems that if not diagnosed and treated in their early stages may cause severe injuries that may disable a patient. As a medical duty, we hold a patent to diagnose these diseases and provide treatment and guidance on how to prevent the diseases from causing severe foot problems.

The footwear you have plays a critical role in the health of your foot. Wearing balance-boosting footwear is a remedy to foot problems since most of the sprains and fractures are as a result of poor footwear selection. At Shepherd, we also offer minor procedures such as wart removals, skin biopsies, and ingrown nails removal. We accept various payment options including workers compensation and health plan insurance. Our services are client-oriented, and we are dedicated to giving prompt attention and committed to quality service delivery. Try us and watch your foot problems fly away.

Top Tips for Finding a New Dentist

It’s not that difficult to find a dentist. However, finding a good one can be quite challenging. Whether you’re relocating to a new location or need to find another dentist, you probably don’t know how you should go about it. Here are a few tips that can help you land a good dentist.

If you’re moving to a new area, ask for recommendations from your current dentist. You can also search the internet for dentist directories. This way, you’ll know the ratings, locations and operating hours of dentists in your new area.

Finding a good dentist is something you must take seriously. You can look for a new dentist if you’re not happy or comfortable with your current one. If you’re searching for a new dentist Liverpool, ask your neighbors, pharmacist, physician, co-workers, friends or family members for referrals of a dentist in your current area.

Keep in mind that you need a competent dentist. Before you start looking for one, know your needs. Most people prefer dentists that are close to their workplace, home or their kid’s school. When you have a dentist close by, it’s easier to stop by for your appointment. It’s also easier to get treatment when you have an emergency.

Determine the kind of dentist you want. You may want a pediatric dentist if you have children. If you’re not able to climb stairs, you can look for a dental center that’s handicap-accessible. You can also go for a dentist who speaks another language if that will make you happy and more satisfied.

Do some research about a dentist before you book an appointment. You may even find that scheduling an appointment isn’t a good idea in the first place. Come up with a list of questions to ask your new dentist. This might seem unnecessary, but it will be worth it in the long run because dental centers aren’t created equal.

The following are some of the questions you should ask your dentist:

Is the dentist a member of the national dental association/society?

How long has he/she practiced dentistry?

Does the dentist provide emergency care services?

What are his/her office hours?

What’s the location of the dental office?

Does the office accept health insurance?

Is the office accepting new patients?

These are some of the things you should consider. Take your time to note down the most important things. Remember you may have to visit several dental offices before finding the right one, and that’s okay.

Use Wine Opener As A Gift For Promoting Your Business

A wine opener is obviously one of the most functional items to every beer enthusiasts. However, to make this small device more useful and practical, the opener is shaped in different designs. For instance, one of the most innovative options is that you may buy the opener, which also works as a key ring. You know that key ring is always utilized by many us while locking the cars, doors or cabinet. Thus, as a single piece is able to work in two ways, you may surely realize its outstanding use to your convenience.

How the entrepreneurs use the openers for promotional purpose

In many cases, the corporate owners offer wine opener to their employees. They incorporate the name of company and its logo to the piece of opener. Sometimes, a message is also conveyed through these promotional items. As the wine openers and key rings are used by people very often, they will also observe the name of organization, which has offered this highly usable device.

A wine opening system, which has been shaped as key ring, may also look quite flashy, and you may avail it various designs. If you have planned to offer this bottle opener to your business associates, you have options to modify it in different ways.

Select the perfect model of opener

It is better to purchase the lightweight but highly durable wine opener. No matter whether it works electronically or manually, you have to ensure that it will last for long time. While you have decided on the wine opener category that is to be bought, you need to think of the message, which is to be conveyed through it. Choose some custom message and get it imprinted on the promotional wine opener. Only these few steps may enable you to market your brand in the best way. Bottle opener is not only intended to give fun but also the most affordable option to satisfy all the recipients, who are associated with your business.

Wine opener is really a very compact and small sized item; however, it still offers an option to express a very attractive promotional corporate message. The weight and size of the best opener allows you to consider an easy alternative for distributing the gifts to lots of people, who are valuable to you. So, choose wine opener in order to promote you brand and your own service.