Realize PPI scandal with your loan

Banks which offer unsecured loans to the customers generally include PPI along with the loan. Many banks or financial institutions do not inform their customers about the PPI sold to them. Later when the PPI scandal came into notice, it was discovered that the check box was ticked for the PPI without telling to the customers. PPI was mis sold while granting personal loan and mortgage to the customers. When you realize that you are mis sold PPI, you can file a complaint along with the PPI claim form in the bank to get the compensation for the wrongful action of the lender. You can get more information about the PPI claims from the website

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Purchase the rice mill plant directly from the manufacturer

If you are planning to purchase the rice mill plant then you must think of purchasing the same from an online store or directly from the manufacturer. Many of rice mill manufacturer offer the whole set up for sale at their own site or on various online stores. If you are purchasing the rice mill from any of the online store then explore the website and acquaint yourself with the return policy of the manufacturer, or the store as you are going to make a huge investment. Thus, it is necessary to be sure about your investment.