A Plate Carrier Or A Chest Rig – Choose The Best For The Military Forces

The military professionals always risk their life to safeguard their territories. The plate carrier and chest rig are the safety equipment introduced to protect them. Read on to learn more about the benefits of choosing this equipment.

The plate carrier is used to protect upper body from bullets, metals etc. They are prepared from integrated straps and consist of adjustable loops. The Velcro straps are attached to the carrier for better fit. However, while shopping for the carrier, you could consider various factors like height and body size.

Check whether the equipment fully covers the vital organs. Do not forget to consider the textiles used while manufacturing carriers. Plate carriers could be worn for long duration. Hence, it is important to ensure that the fabric used to prepare them is durable enough. Make sure that they are breathable so that it allows air flow.

Benefits of choosing chest rigs

The chest rigs have multiple compartments to store items. They were widely used in the Second World War. They consist of various straps to easily accommodate the equipment of different sizes. Unlike the chest carriers, the rigs do not offer maximum ballistic protection. However, they are excellent to provide secured tactical functionality. Users could protect the front body with this equipment.

They are used for many purposes in the military. They are best to load different gear like flashlights, ammunition, the command panels, communication equipment etc. they are prepared from the lightweight breathable materials. Make sure that the chest rig is slim. Else, it would be difficult to bend down. If you wear a heavy rig while you are in a vehicle, it will lay a negative impact on the overall performance.

Choose the right option

Now, once you know the benefits of chest rig or chest carrier, it will be easier to make the right choice. However, you have to keep in mind several things while narrowing the options. Check out the flexibility, mission requirements and the user preferences. Both the options come with unique features. Make sure that the options you choose will maximize the tactical capabilities.

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