How To Pick A Bug Zapper When Your Home Is Infested With Bugs And Insects During Any Season

You and your family can expect peaceful sleep when you get a bug zapper at home. They are available in different sizes and designs. They have a UV light, a double mesh, and power supply that charges the mesh to catch and kill bugs. They are also available in the shape of lanterns and can be used in gardens. You can have a bug free stroll in the garden when you place this zapper in the garden.

Stay protected with zapper

When bugs bite, it can lead to painful liaisons, and eruptions. Using disinfectants and topical creams that repel bugs is not enough. These zappers catch all kinds of bugs, insects, and mosquitoes. They can be hung in any corner of the room and attract the bugs through light. You can use this bug zapper as a night light as well as bug killer.

How to choose a zapper

  • Consider the area that has maximum bugs and place the zapper there
  • Choose the size of the zapper based on whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors
  • If you want to use it for a larger area, use a bigger bug zapper
  • These are the equipment that work during the day time as well as night time
  • A few zappers use solar power to get charged
  • Make sure that the zapper you buy is portable
  • Most of the zappers come with a washable tray that is attached at the bottom of the zapper

Other variants of zappers

Also, available are the cordless zappers. They are portable and have a wire to get charged. They have indicators that point to the level of the charge available in the zapper. You can charge a zapper for 3 hours on an average before using them and give the Bug Shock treatment to bugs.


Look for certified zappers that have a standard certification. They are effective to catch bugs in any infested areas and keep you protected from bugs for as long as possible.