How To Choose The Best Straightening Iron For Yourself? – How To Maintain Them?

Straightening irons are probably is the most popular styling tool, which is used worldwide. These days, straightening irons can be bought from various parts of the country and they are accessible in a wide variety. Straightening irons are used to straighten those unruly curls and make them more sleek and manageable. However, they do require some maintenance in order to last longer.

Straightening irons come in a vast variety which different styles and features. While some of them may have multiple heat settings, many other will have some additional features including the steaming feature. In this article, we will be talking how to get the best straightening iron for yourself and how to maintain them properly to make them last longer.

How to choose the best straightening iron? – Things to keep in mind

These days, there is a wide variety of straightening irons available in the market which tend to confuse people to find the correct one for them. However, in order to find one yourself you are required to know the types of straightening irons available. Here are some things to remember –

  • Ceramic straightening irons – One of the most popular straightening irons are the ones with ceramic plates in them. These plates are considered as the safest as they will hardly do any damage to your hair. They have a unique heating system known as the ICS heating system. These irons consist of a combination of tungsten and six ceramic plates to provide the maximum precession.
  • Heating capacity – One sign which makes any straightening iron worth purchasing is its capacity to remain heated when the user is working on her hair. This is because, if the iron retains the heat, it will provide you with the best results possible.

How to clean your straightening iron?

Here are some tips to clean your straightening iron well –

  • With acetone – You have to put few drops of it on the plates of your iron and then wipe it off using a cotton ball/pad.
  • Damp cloth – Wipe of the dirt using a damp cloth, before using your iron.
  • Cleaning products – Now days, you will find a wide variety of products available in the market to clean your straightening iron. These products are affordable and easy to acquire. One can consider cleaning their irons once in a week using these products.

Maintaining the straightening iron will help you, preserving it for long. You can even ask the seller about the maintenance tips when you buy a new straightening iron.