How safe is your marriage from divorce?

Marriage is the abutment of a man and a lady, and everywhere throughout the world guys and ladies seek to get espoused. It is a long-term commitment that limits conceit, self-liberality, and self-satisfaction. No one wants his/her marriage to fail, we all want the union to last for life and therefore there are some basic rules of marriage we must understand.

In the fifth month of the year 2014, the rate of divorce was very high in U.S.A  at a percentage of 55 and it’s still high up till this very moment of writing this article.

The question why do marriages fail and divorce rate increases never stops crossing my mind as I discovered that most people who get whose marriages doesn’t work out got things wrong from the beginning.

You don’t feel happy with your spouse, you aren’t enjoying the joy of marriage, are on the verge of giving up and don’t you think you need divorce advice? Of course, yes, I think you need to see your lawyer or a reliable marriage counselor before making any decision.

Here are the reasons why marriage fails;


Stats show that couples who hides secrets from themselves has a greater tendency to fight more often and this will eventually destroy the marriage.

Feel free to discuss those secrets with your spouse. At first, he/she might be mad about the whole issue, but with time, this will only make your bond get stronger.


I asked my friends why they want to get married and to my surprise, some don’t have a good reason and this is one of the reasons why most marriages fail.

Don’t ever get married to someone out of pity because you are definitely laying your marriage on the wrong foundation and be rest assured that it won’t last long. Build your marriage with love and not pity.

Sexual infidelity

Sex isn’t the main purpose of marriage, but it’s one of the reasons why we get married. Your responsibility is to satisfy your spouse sexually and failure of this will lead to a problem in the family and you are at risk of losing your marriage.


There are many reasons why most marriages fail and divorce rate increases and I have listed a few points above and some of those not listed is your commitment to your spouse, your level of communication, your job and genotype when it comes to the medical aspect of it.