Automating Your Online Marketing Efforts

Automating Your Online Marketing Efforts

If you are a business owner you have to spend time on your business, lots of time, especially in the beginning. While at the same time you probably have to work with a small budget so spending enormous amounts of time on the internet trying to increase your presence just isn’t going to cut it, and as said, being budget bound hiring a firm to do your online marketing won’t be your first choice either.

Luckily there are other solutions

But before we start looking at those solutions you’ll have to define which platform works best for you. If you’re into B2B marketing I would put all my efforts into LinkedIn and there’s even a bot for that called LinkedHelper.

If you are a service provider like a plumber or roofer I wouldn’t spend too much time on social media at all, this is not the first place where people look when they need to hire someone like you, search engine optimization would be your preferred choice but this is something you definitely don’t want to automate.

For fashion designers, travelers, artists, and photographers platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are an absolute must of course as it’s all about showcasing your materials.

Online shops, no matter what they are selling would do well on the more popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, though personally, I’d prefer Facebook for that. Twitter appears to be more of a real social platform that’s only suitable for normal people, influencers, and marketers but that’s probably not what you are.

So what do these tools do?

Most tools are capable of a wide range of things to do. At Instagram, for example, you can run a bot and automatically gain followers by liking other peoples posts and following other people. They see you follow them, and they follow you back. Most tools also have an option to unfollow people when they don’t return the favor.

Actually, you should pay a visit to as they just published a list of the 11 best tools to automate your Instagram marketing. That way you will see what else these bots and services are capable of and you get an idea about the pricing. Most are priced under a hundred dollars a month so you won’t break the bank there.

There are similar tools for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and as I said earlier LinkedIn as well so there’s plenty of choices to automate your marketing, just remember that if you are a contractor or something similar you don’t want to automate anything that has to do with search engines like Google as that will get you penalized sooner than later, often with irreversible results.