What is the Best Instagram Bot in 2018?

What is the Best Instagram Bot in 2018

What is the best bot you say? There is none!┬áNot what you expected but it’s a simple truth. Each bot is capable of different tasks and after Instagress died I haven’t found one single bot that excelled in every aspect.

See there are bots that are great in liking posts but they suck big time when it comes to commenting, sure they support spintax but that often only makes it worse. If you want a bot that can comment in a smart way you will either have to load one thousand comments that are so general that they fit on every post, and a very real chance they’ll flag it as spam.

If you do want to automate your commenting it’s better to hire a VA from the Philippines as their Engish is rather decent while the people still work there for fair rates so that you won’t break the bank. Some bots are disguised as growth services and they also offer a comment option which sets you back about $1-$3 per comment, hence it being better to find someone yourself to do your comments for you.

Instead of reviewing every bot here I let TrustAdvisor.io do that job as they are specialized on this front and they can even make a quick buck from it as they already joined their affiliate programs which I’m not willing to do at this point.

I do have to say that most bots absolutely rock and following and unfollowing people in case they don’t return the favor and that is one of the option that a decent bot must have.

Social Steeze is one of such bots which has an advanced way to grow your follower count, I’ve seen plenty of people playing around with this and within weeks they had ten thousands of followers so there is no doubt that this actually works.

Another important feature you want to look for is the ability to search not just based on hashtags but geolocations as well, especially if you run a local business it’s essential you reach people in your state instead of getting flooded with people from India or Bangladesh, I specifically mention those two countries as most spam bots operate from there.

The last thing you want to focus on that there is some way to slow the bot down to avoid triggering Instagrams alarm system as otherwise, this new adventure won’t last very long. They are literally closing and blocking accounts at the rate of thousands per day so be warned before you start botting.